Sony Ericsson Circa, Brand New PlayStation Concept Phone

Sony Ericsson Circa is a stylish and attractive concept phone designed by Frank Tobias. This new concept is for Sony Ericsson play station phone. It is powered by a dual core CPU that’s mean you will be able to enjoy fast speed browsing and this dual processor will also help you to enjoy the games of your choice on it. The front side is made of mineral glass and therefore its display is not fragile.

The designer doesn’t choose any operating system for this concept phone however you can check the images of it. The features detail of this gadget is still scarce. Now I have to see which platform is used by Frank and what kind of functions can be supported by this full touch model of Sony Ericsson. There are three options in term of OS such as Android, MeeGo, Sony Ericsson OS , I skip Windows Phone 7 Os as it doesn’t seem great with the PlayStation experience.

Would you like to buy this unbreakable Stylish Sony Ericsson Circa for you? What platform should be supported by Circa? Don’t hesitate to share with us.


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