Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone will launch on December 9th

Sony Ericsson PalyStation phone is in rumors for many day till now Company hasn’t confirmed this gadget . but today we get a clue from which we get an idea about the release date of Sony Ericsson PSP that is 9th December 2010.  Before reading further have a look at this picture!

Actually in this picture you are seeing an invitation of next month mysterious event and it is given by SonyEricsson to Nowhereelse, French gadget enthusiastic blog. The blog has reported this invitation .the words stated in the inviatation are “the most awaited event of the past 10 years.”  Authenticity of this invitation copy is confirmed and now we suppose that on 9th December Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone will be launched though it is not stated clearly in the invitation. We already informed you about some expected features and specifications of Sony Ericsson gaming phone .

The release of Sony Ericsson PSP on December 9 is still a rumor and we are waiting that SonyEricsson will soon announced this phone. we are also awaiting the official announcement of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X12 .

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