Sony Ericsson released a firmware update for their Android flagship

The migtation of XPERIA X10 migrations to Eclair 2.3 has not started off yet. Though, there is news in relation that is Sony Ericsson has released a firmware update for their Android flagship in order to increase the stability, performance and function of the cell phone.

The users of XPERIA X10 can use the power of either Network data connection or Wi-Fi for downloading this exquisite feature on their phone. The new application of firmware update will surely make the speed and functionality of the phone better than before, though there aren’t many features that a user is going to avail yet there are some improvements available all over the interface. You will get better connectivity with XPERIA X10 device than that of Sony Ericsson S003 mobile phone.

The better performance of camera UI and the messaging departments are indeed lucky to make the user feel a positive difference. This update is now available in some areas, and it will be crashed in all over the world in the coming weeks. However, Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004 will not offer this upgrade. If you haven’t got an opportunity to upgrade to this application yet, don’t be desperate as it will follow your area soon. Just wait for few days and you will get it.

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