Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson is a mobile phone company that combines the electronics companies Sony, from Japan, and Ericsson, a Swedish firm that specialises in the telecommunications market, something that Sony had not, until the partnership began in 2001, been massively successful in.

Now, due to their success over the last decade neither company has been producing phones separately. The venture has been extremely successful, rescuing Ericsson from their unprofitable partnership with American business General Electronics and turning Sony, who were yet to transmit their success in other areas, from a company with a 1 per cent market share to one of the biggest mobile phone companies around.

Sony Ericsson’s main plan was to make sure that, as well as producing phones with the very best calling and texting services, they also made sure that all of the multimedia features on the phone were of the highest standard. The company has built up a reputation for having some of the very best cameras available on mobile phones and this has been an extremely successful plan for the company, as, although the impact was by no means immediate, they had massive success in the middle of the last decade especially with the walkman models, bringing them almost into line with giants of the area such as Nokia and Samsung.

Over the last couple of years the company has not been so successful though, seeing its market share drop somewhat. This could only be a temporary thing though as the release of the Xperia X10 looks to have changed things for the Japanese/Swedish firm. The X1- again has one of the very best cameras out there, with 8 megapixels to play with. The phone also looks fantastic, it really is one of the best looking phones on the market and in this is extremely important in a world where aesthetics mean more and more.


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