Sony Ericsson Yendo will be sold at 169 euro, named as Yizo in the US

Sony Ericsson Yendo is a full-touch Walkman phone that allows you to enjoy the each moment of your life. We informed you about this Sony Ericsson phone on June and today we get the information that this stunning gadget is on its way to store. It will be priced at 169 Euro.  The same device is named as Yizo in the US market.

On the Phone House Spain website, we saw Yendo image along with its price tag i.e. 169 euro SIM-free so it means nothing is unknown about this device. Additionally, on the FCC website there come the photos of Yendo’s internal and external view that are clearly shown on the W150a manual. It is also demonstrated that Sony Ericsson Yizo will be an  American version of W150i Yendo.

Sony Ericsson Yizo will integrate with the same features that are available with Yendo handset. It is designed with a 2.6 inches capacitive touchscreen of QVGA resolution. You will see  the tremendous Walkman logo all over the Yizo’s body. It will be packed with a 2MP fixed -focus camera and on the top there comes with a 3.5mm audio jack.

As far as interface is concerned , it resembles with one that you get with Android-powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini and X10 mini pro. However, in this music-oriented Yizo you will not have the smartphone  features.

Currently, there is no word about the launch date and price of Yizo.

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