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Leaked: Motorola MT820 Android smart phone for China

Two new Motorola phones (Motorola MT820 and Motorola ZN4) for the Chinese market were spotted recently but the picture quality was not good enough to merit a post. Now however, a new set of photos has been leaked and this one is clear enough to get a better idea of the Motorola MT820 although little to no information is as yet available regarding the tech specs for the Motorola MT820 smart phone.

Motorola Twist Android phone preview

A new Motorola phone was leaked recently and although the original “leaker” asked that the post be removed, by then the news had spread like wildfire and posts like these have popped up all over the web. The new Android based phone is to be known as the Motorola Twist and although its leaked specifications do not look overly impressive but are still pretty high end as things go, it does have some interesting features and also is set to feature MOTOBLUR which will undoubtedly make many social networking happy people, well, happy.

Motorola Cliq XT or Quench Cellphone Review

Motorola has been making a decided comeback as a player in the global mobile phones market and its latest offering based on the Android mobile operating system is the Motorola Quench or Cliq XT in the United States. While the Motorola Quench or Cliq XT will not (sorry but we couldn’t resist) quench the thirsts of those looking for high end high powered extremely sophisticated smart phones, it does have a trick or two up its sleeve cover.