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Motorola i1 iDEN Android cellphone announced for Spring-Nextel

Last time we covered the eagerly anticipated Motorola i1 Android based iDEN cellphone was to tell you that not had its name been changed from the Opus 1 to the Motorola i1 smart phone but also that the Motorola i1 would feature a 5 MP camera instead of the anticipated 3 MP one. Well all speculation is at an end now as Motorola has officially announced the Motorola i1 mobile phone for the Spring Nextel iDEN network. One of the most intriguing feature of the Motorola i1 is that it runs the Android OS and this should be one of the top of the line phones for the iDEN network.

Motorola i890 is Sprint’s latest iDEN cellphone

The Motorola  i890 flip phone is the latest cellphone offering from Sprint that runs on the iDEN network, this after we previewed the much talked about Motorola i1 in an earlier post. iDEN devices such as the Motorola i890 have the advantage of PTT or PTC (Push to Talk over Cellular) but on the other often lack features such as global roaming, 3G connectivity and are drab. While the Motorola i890 does not have quad-band GSM and tri-band WCDMA or 3G connectiviity, it does look quite good with its black and gray design.