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iPad international release delayed by Apple

Yes, all you people looking to buy iPads living outside the US of America must be absolutely crushed as Apple has released an official statement claiming that due to the unexpectedly high demand in the US, they have taken the “difficult” decision of postponing the international launch of the iPad. Many carriers have announced that they will offer the Apple iPad in their respective markets, including Rogers (Canada), Orange (Spain, Switzerland, UK and France) , O2 (UK) and Vodafone (Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Australia).

iPhone 4 OS with Video calls to be revealed 8th April

That’s right folks, after the launch of the Apple iPad tablet PC one would have thought that Apple would like to take a break but one would be wrong because Apple has set up a conference in which they will reveal the new iPhone 4.0 OS to select members of the press on April the 8th. This would be an interesting reveal indeed considering the speculation surrounding the iPhone 4.0 OS and its capabilities and vis-a-vis the capabilities of the Apple iPhone 4G whenever it is launched.

Free EA Games *Gasp* on the Palm Pre

Yes ladies and gentleman, with this special limited time offer from O2 you can actually get free games from EA (Electronic Arts). EA which is one of the world’s largest game publishers is not the type of company that gives things away for free so you may well be shocked but on the other hand you have to purchase a Palm Pre smart phone from O2. At the moment this offer is limited to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Spain so Palm Pre hopefuls in the US will have to look for another cellphone, perhaps the Palm Pre Plus.