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No copy paste for Windows Phone 7 series

Windows pretty much revolutionized how the world works, not only did it introduce a GUI that was so simple that anyone could work it, it also introduced the copy-paste technique possibly used by millions of people throughout the world. On the latest mobile version of Windows (that is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series), it seems […]

LG Windows Phone 7 series device gets a name – maybe

This one is unconfirmed at the moment but it seems that the Windows Phone 7 series LG pre-production prototype (that we checked out in an earlier post about the LG Windows Phone 7 series smart phone) might have a name. The name according to to UK website that seems to have somehow inveigled the name […]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series, Adobe Flash and AIR

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series, Adobe Flash and AIR

By all accounts, one would find that users feel that Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.x.x is positively ancient, drab and even when made to appear to look good (for example HTC phones with SenseUI) has still very limited functionality and is not at all the thing. Microsoft it seems is ready to please the masses and […]