The new BLackBerry Curve 9350 Series

BlackBerry Curve 9350 Series is launched by RIM this September. It has been awaited since last year and now finally it is out. BlackBerry is a name from which people expect nothing but excellence.

The last year models of BlackBerry Curve had amazing features of video and voice recording. It was an ideal phone for all those who love to tweet and use Facebook more than they use email. But when the new models of BlackBerry Curve Series came out there were a lot of expectations but sadly it did not live up to them.

The BlackBerry Curve 8300 and 8900 series was criticized for its poor voice noting, video recording services, slow processor and lack of 3G.

The BlackBerry Curve 9350 Series have BlackBerry 7 Operating System.  The hardware of the phone is upgraded and is very efficient. The phone is slimmer than ever and the price is also very affordable, only mere $80!

The screen of this phone is 2.44 inches and it is not a touch screen. So the dimensions are very fine as one does not need place to type up and email through touch.

Talking about the features, the Smartphone has a good camera of 5MP aided with a LED flash light. It has 512MB of RAM. The phone has better connectivity services and even better and user friendly applications. The fast browser and processor allow the user to remain connected through Facebook and Twitter.

BlackBerry Curve 9350 Series is a good choice for teens and people who don’t want to be bogged into the complex technology. This time Blackberry keeps it simple yet efficient!BlackBerry Curve Series

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