The Professional Benefits of Social Networking from Your Smartphone

Social networks aren’t just for teenagers anymore. What started out as a fad for high school and college kids has grown into a way for businesses to communicate with their consumers and clients. Social media can serve as a form of marketing, customer service, and free PR. Accessing social networking sites from a smartphone, like your BlackBerry or iPhone, lets you stay in touch with your audience from just about anywhere.These Smartphones easily allow you to visit mobile sites and not only

In order to create a reliable social media relationship with your clients, it’s important to update a social networking site – like your company’s Facebook page – around 2 to 5 times per day (or more, especially if you’re an internet or tech-based company). This might include adding status updates, uploading new photos, or responding to feedback that others’ have left on your site. Postings should also be staggered, so that the company is not posting only in the morning hours, or only in the evening. Posting at one time of day rather than over the course of the day will almost definitely lead to some clients missing all of your posts because they don’t log on at the same time you do.

Given the travel demands of many professionals, which takes you away from a computer for hours at a time, social networking the right way from only a computer will probably be a challenge – or will require a staff. In some cases, it just flat out won’t be possible. Fortunately, social networking apps and mobile Internet access can save the day. With a smartphone like a BlackBerry, you can log on and stay on top of your social media communication from the airport, your lunch meeting, or anywhere you can get cell service and a data connection.

In the midst of a busy schedule, it may also be difficult to remember when you were supposed to update your business’s Facebook page or other social network. Setting an alarm on your smartphone makes it easy to maintain your schedule. When the alert goes off on your phone, just open your social media application or log on to the site using your device’s Internet browser and update the page.

Social media has many professional benefits, but just because you can update your social networks from anytime with a smartphone doesn’t mean you should. If you are angry, for instance, you should take a few minutes (or hours) to cool down before you publicly post something you’ll regret. For more information on how to conduct yourself professionally on both your personal and business social media sites, check out this article from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.