Top 3 Mobile Phones For Email

In today’s world, communication through email is much extensive. And considering its usage, it is must to have a phone that does support the email feature.

It is really difficult for any one who has a few registered email accounts but does not have a device to check email on the go. Here we bring user rated top 3 world’s best email supportive mobile phones.

The business and corporate world today is all about communication. Be it sharing ideas, assigning tasks, getting feedback or whatever the case may be, connectivity to internet and emailing has become an essential part of the system to flow. Smart phones designed these days provide users with the flexibility to send and receive emails on the go, however, the ones that get popular always give that something extra that a consumer is looking for. Here are the top 3 ranked email supportive phones according to user ratings:

Blackberry by RIM¬†or Research In Motion has always been on the top of the list when it comes to smart phones that support the email function. In fact, Blackberry is one of the first phones to come up with the concept of email service in mobile phones. Being the ‘precedent’ in the market for email supportive mobile phones, Blackberry capitalises on its competitive edge over all other email supporting smart phones. Apart from that, the extra edge that Blackberry gives to its users is of Blackberry Messenger or BBM. An instant messaging service on all Blackberry smart phones world wide that allow users to send instant messages to any BBM code in the world. The process of instant messaging through BBM is initiated by registering a BBM ‘PIN’ to your cellular service provider. Once you do that, you will also be assigned a unique bar code which can also identify your BBM ‘PIN’ once scanned. After you register you PIN, you can add BBM contacts by searching your contact’s Personal Identification Number.

Second in the list of top email supporting mobile phones is the Apple’s very own the iPhone. With a highly friendly user interface for email and other functions, iPhone is loved by a lot of users world wide. However, iPhone does not support in particular the email services provided by the cellular networks. The email function in the iphone is carried out on the basis of EDGE activation. Through iPhone’s email option, one can link Google, Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me, AOL and Yahoo email accounts. There are other apps available on the iStore that allow you to link Hotmail accounts to the email option.

Android smart phones are best known for their flexibility and modification options that they provide to their users. However, the email functions of iPhone and Android phones are not much different. Both run on the EDGE connectivity or WiFi enabled zones. The only reason iPhone is ranked above Android phones when it comes to email feature is due to iPhone’s attachment support feature and the personal signature at the end of each mail.