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Top 5 Best Smartphone Series

A tech guy when looks into the market, he is able to find a wide variety of smartphones of different brands. Every next month brings a new cell phone so selection of best gadget becomes somehow difficult for new buyers. Therefore, it’s me who will make this selection quite simple. I’m going to shed light on five best smartphone series. Picking a phone from any of these series means you have selected the best or simply better smartphone

5. LG Optimus Series

No doubt, LG Electronics is dedicated to provide best electronic items to its customers. Though this company offers wide range of low-end and mid-end devices but its Optimus Series is quite popular. The series started with Optimus One and till then there is no end since customers are quite satisfied from the connectivity, call quality, and performance of it. Every new smartphone of this series has improved features. When you peep into this series, you will find not only budget friendly phone but also those which are regarded high-end. From 3 MP camera to HD snapper, from TFT display to 3D screen, it has almost everything you want.

lg optimus series

  • LG Optimus L7
  • LG Optimus 3D
  • LG Optimus G

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia Series

Another series which is considered best one is Xperia. Sony is famous for its high quality gadgets. Good thing is that it brings not only gaming device but also high-end phones. In this series, you are able to find music-oriented phones which add non-stop fun into your life. If you are concerned about speed and processing, this series will offer you a smartphone that has dual core processor under the hood.

sony xperia play

Best smartphones of Xperia series

  • Sony Xperia NEO V
  • Sony Xperia Play
  • Sony Xperia S

3. Nokia Lumia Series

I really like Nokia Lumia 900 as this windows phone has everything which a tech lover wants. It is featured with high quality camera and display. Other smartphones of this series are also designed in the perfect manner. You can find both affordable and expensive gadgets in this series. Windows Phone OS makes this series quite special. You can enjoy both Nokia and Microsoft features side by side. User can explore OVI store after getting a smartphone from this series.

nokia lumia series

Best Phone of Lumia Series

  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia Lumia 900
  • Nokia Lumia 600

2. HTC Desire Series

For fulfilling the desire of every Tech guy, HTC comes with high class Desire series. This company offers high definition smartphones just to make it possible for the users to enjoy the real technology all the time. One can fly through web pages when he has a smartphone from HTC Desire Series as browser works fast because of best-in-class processor. Multi-tasking is the main feature which every person likes and thanks to this series, one can perform this task in the effective and accurate manner.

htc desire series

Best Smartphone of Desire Series

  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire Z

1.Apple iPhone Series

When it comes to best of best smartphones, it’s Apple iPhone that delights you in the perfect manner. Lastest iPhone 5 has high quality sound, display and camera. Facetime video calling experience is quite enjoyable for every user of this smartphone. Best of all, there is App Store which brings a lot of applications for user’s convenience. After getting one gadget of this series, you are able to not only use the best interface but also you will feel proud. Many people think that this smartphone is also a status symbol and therefore, every status conscious person give it a due preference.

apple iphone series

Best Smartphones of iPhone Series


At the end, I must say that you can randomly pick a smartphone from any of these series and you will never feel any issue.