Top 5 Business Smartphones

These days, every smartphone is equipped with robust features and functions. We can use the gadget not only for communication but also connectivity and browsing too. Though every user can easily pick a handset based on his preference yet a businessman often feels cell phone selection process a daunting task. Actually, he is a heavy user who needs a smartphone capable of rapid processing and instant connectivity. Therefore, he finds only a few smartphones those match with his requirements and choice. If you are a part of corporate environment, you want a handset that is sturdy, portable, and has a vivid display. Now I’m going to provide a clear description of top 5 business smartphones.

Number 5 Motorola Droid Bionic

This blazing fast handset is combined with entertainment and business features. The business users can easily send and receive emails through a simple touch. Due to its fast speed and performance, Moto is selling it at a high price and I think it’s quite fair. When you hold this gadget, first thing which come into your mind is the compact and sturdy design. The software of this handset can be regarded its plus points. This moto phone is running on Android, 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) while there is Motorola’s custom-built MotoBlur widgets for great user experience.

droid bionic

Number 4 Nokia Lumia 800

First special feature of Lumia 800 is the big screen which allows the business user to handle corporate tasks effortlessly on the gadget. Another feature is its design which is perfect from every angle. This Windows phone handset allows the business users to do communication at a robust speed. The clarity of its display can be considered an x-factor. In addition, there is windows phone 7.5 Mango operating system that makes it simple for the users to work with compatible windows software and application for business.

nokia lumia 800

Number 3 Samsung Focus S

This Windows gadget comes with gorgeous display and smooth performance. This handset becomes one of my favorite windows devices because it is equipped with sturdy and solid body that makes it perfect for daily use. The viewing angles and graphics of its display are clear and crisp and a corporate user would be free to perform his task without posing any burden on eyes. It is running on Windows phone 7.5 Mango operating system which makes the multi-tasking and browsing quite comfortable. Switching between the open applications can be smoothly done through the back button. Best of all, you will get internet explorer 9.0 version for quick connectivity and web surfing.

focus s

Number 2 Apple iPhone 4S

Apple designed iPhone 4s is such a nice manner that this iOS device is perfectly suitable for both heavy and business users. It doesn’t have a lot of updates as compared to iPhone 4 but Sri addition, improved camera and fast processor makes it perfect for the corporate environment. Email can be send via a single touch and when it comes to video conferencing among the businessmen, HD camera of device comes for the assistance.

apple iphone 4s

Number 1 Samsung Galaxy SII

The best model of Galaxy series is nothing but Galaxy SII. This available smartphone is featured with brilliant display, light weight body and attractive design. One who holds it in hand can immediately grab the attention of other people. As far as business communication is concerned, this handset offers good performance. Its dual core processor allows the users to work with different heavy applications at the same time. This android device allows you to get a cushion in hard corporate life by downloading business application from android market.

samsung galaxy SII