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Top 5 Latest Windows 8 Tablets

If you are planning to purchase a tablet, I suggest you to wait for one or two months only as a number of Windows 8 tablets are going to launch. As you know Windows 8 has finally released for the users and this latest version of Microsoft Operating system has a lot of features and improvements. It’s not a time to shed light on features but my intention is to give you complete details of latest Windows 8 tablets that will be launching very soon. I created this list based on my own preference and it’s nothing to do with any tech analysis.

Number 5: Acer Iconia W700

It’s a top-end ultra tablet from the house of Acer which is famous due to its high quality laptops. I’m sure that most of you have been given a try to Acer laptops and next year, you would be able to meet a tab that will force you to stop using laptop. The reason is nothing but the top class features of Acer Iconia W700. First thing special about tab is Window 8 OS which is not only popular but also regarded the best one. This tab falls into tab/Pc category as you turn into to a laptop anytime you want. According to company, this device can sit in landscape model at either 70 or 15 degrees just to make the typing and control quite comfortable. Other notable features are 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, charging dock,micro HDMI, 3.0 USB, etc.

acer iconia w700

Number 4: Asus Vivo Tab

A well-designed and high-end Windows 8 tab that lets you to enjoy work, travel and gaming side by side is nothing but Asus Vivo Tab. I gave it preference onto Iconia due to its fast intel Atom Clover Trail processor which allows you to browse at a blazing speed. Another best feature is 11.6 screen colors contrast and graphics of which are perfect. It brings enough storage space for the users and you are free to store as much songs, documents, files, folders as you want. An interesting piece of information related to this tab is that Vivo tab accepts a stylus pen input as well. This pen comes with Wacam technology and it will surely make Vivo tab, a convenient tab for you.

Asus vivo tab

Number 3: Dell Latitude 10

No matter you are using Android tablet or iPad, it’s time to think differently. The reason is that now Windows 8 Tablet has become a part of tab market. Especially you need to give a try to latest Dell Latitude 10 which is a perfect tab comes from the house of popular electronic giant. One thing that you never saw in a tab is replaceable battery but it’s Latitude 10 that allows you to try this latest feature. Businessmen will definitely give a due preference to Dell only because of this single feature. Other remarkable features are 2 MP front camera, 8MP rear camera,2.0 USD, min-HDMI out, etc.

Latitude 10


Number 2: Microsoft Surface

Designing a flagship Windows 8 tablet is indeed a smart move from Microsoft. I think company takes this decision after checking the increasing demand of Apple and Google Flagship models. First thing that makes it attractive is its stylish design. It comes with a metal kick stand that makes propping of tablet quite easy for you. It has the same tegra 3 processor which you find in high-end Google Nexus 7 and  Asus transformer prime. It also features with 2GB RAM.

Microsoft Flagship tab

Number 1: HP Envy X2

I’m a big fan of HP PCs  and it’s a reason that I’m going to prefer tablet of this brand onto all. It is designed with a nice display and staggering power.It’s a combination tablet and notebook. You are free to easily remove the keyboard and enjoy a fully functional windows 8 tablet. This device is features with Beats Audio Speaker, NFC support, IPS technology, multi-touch display and optional stylus.

hp Envy