First BlackBerry Smartphone

Top 5 Pioneer Smart phones

Nowadays, we are able to use a wide variety of high-tech smartphone but we ever think which smartphone was the first from Symbian or windows phone series. Although many of us have an idea of such devices but our new generation may not have the complete details. Therefore, today I composed this article for all those people who don’t know which smartphone was first in the symbian, iOS, android or other. Check what I gathered for you.

1.BlackBerry Curve 8300 (First BlackBerry OS phone)

BlackBerry smartphones were introduced in the market for making emailing easy and comfortable. In the begging, we were able to use Suretype, color series and Java based phones but it was Curve 8300 which told us what exactly a smartphone stands for. This series was launched in 2007 with 8300 model but after checking the widespread popularity and fame, RIM introduced next installments in the form of 8310/8320/8330/8350i. Curve 8300 is an entry level smartphone which allowed the users to use both GSM and Edge connectivity. What makes this handset special for the user is its excellent call quality.

First BlackBerry Smartphone

4. Motorola MPx200 Smartphone 2002 ( first Windows Phone)

Microsoft Window operating system is indeed very powerful and smooth. Nowadays, we are using this operating system in our tab, laptop, and smartphones. If I peep into past, I find Motorola MPx200 smartphone 2002 which can be regarded as the first windows powered smartphone. This smart gadget brought all those smart features which were only available to desktop PC users. For example, they could use office online, calendar, internet explorer, active sync,etc. It was launched with the stylus that makes the communication quite simple. Availability of internet explorer permitted the users to explore not only WAP sites but also any other website they wanted.

First Windows phone

3.Nokia 9210 ( First Symbian Phone)

The discussion of pioneer smartphones will be incomplete without Nokia 9210 which was the first Symbian smartphone running on symbian OS6.0. This smartphone is not available in the market yet. It allowed the users to attach files and to enjoy videos whenever they want. They could send and receive fax, email and messages via it. It brought both WAP and HTML browsers. There was only infrared port as a connectivity option. Under the hood, it had 32-bit ARM9-based RISC CPU at 52 MHz processor. It was launched in 2001.

First Symbian smartphone

2. TMobile G1 ( First Android phone)

Android smartphones are indeed the smarter and more powerful gadgets as compared to other mobile phones. Before 2009 symbian smartphones were popular but the name and fame of these smartphones tend to decline after the emergence of android smartphone. First android smartphone was TMobile G1 which was manufactured by HTC and launched by T-Mobile for the smart guys. T-Mobile G1 is first android phone that changed the history. It arrived in 2008 and told the mobile user what they should expect from a tech gadget. It came with a comfortable QWERT keyboard and a nice display.

first android smart phone

1. Apple iPhone (First Apple Phone)

A smartphone that increased the competition among the technology maker is nothing but Apple iPhone. Original iPhone was launched on 29 June, 2007 and Apple sold around 100 million iPhone worldwide. This gadget was best in terms of its style, performance, designs and functions. The back of iPhone was made up of black plastic accent. There was a 2MP camera on the back which let the users to capture high quality images. There is a nice and classy touchscreen comes with easy to use interface. Downloading, uploading , browsing and communication functions are quite smooth and comfortable.

first apple phone

I have provided you complete details of top 5 pioneer smartphones just to inform those who don’t know much about the entry level of android or other smartphones. It’s time to share your opinion about the best pioneer.