Triple Flip Windows Phone 7 Concept Device unveiled

Triple Flip phone is a new concept phone that surely gains the attention of all juts because of its unique design. This handset is designed by SchultzeWORKS design studio. Though it is running on the same Windows Phone 7 operating system on which HTC 7 Pro, HTC 7 Mozart, LG E900 etc are running yet the design of it is very different as compared to these WP7 Smartphones.

The basic idea behind Triple Phone is to show off the optimum usefulness of touchscreen. The team behind this idea claims that in near future we will have the handsets supporting extreme touchscreen functionality.

“We looked at the areas where smart phones were falling short and then delivered seven innovations to make them truly better. We had a few more, but seven was a good place to stop,” lead designer Dave Schultze explains.

“The final design result is a fresh new take on all aspects of the user experience, from mobile video to gaming to solar re-charging — and quite a bit more,” a post on SchultzeWORKS reads

As it is a concept phone, therefore hardware specs are not of great importance however the most important thing to consider is the functionality and performance delivered by it. What makes it more appealing device is the Windows Phone 7 OS which is regarded the best competitor of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms.

“The group of innovative features that resulted proved dynamic enough to require a ‘high-techno’ 3D animation in order to capture the intensely kinetic nature of the styling.”
Surely, you like the design and unique style of this handset.


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  1. litianyou says:

    The phone looks good , in terms of appearance or function , I think are the best but the price is little people can not accept the last time I see a business website and this phone function and appearance similar to the style price significantly lower ten percentage points. I mind if we go and see , maybe there will be harvested . . The phone models are : icoo d80