Two HTC Phones rumored, will hit the AT&T

Today we got two information about the two new HTC phones and both phone will be headed to AT&T and this information comes straight from

HTC first phone is a Candy bar handset has no slider keyboard. This phone resembles with HTC knight or HTC Speedy .Other Specifications are:

Screen: 4 inches, SLCD
Camera: 8 megapixels
Processor: 1.2GHz (presumably Qualcomm)
OS: Android 2.2 with the new Sense
Memory: Unknown

MicroUSB along with headphone jack
HTC second rumored phone is samell just like HTC Aria but what give attractive to it is its smooth edges. The edges are r rounded with with brushed aluminum and gray, rubber-like coated. Battery door flips out, battery slips into the bottom( mentioned in the Android Central forum).

Other features of HTC Aria like phone are:

Screen: 3.2-inch, SLCD
Camera: 5 megabpixels
Processor: 1GHz (again, presumably Qualcomm)
OS: Android 2.1
Memory: Unknown

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