Verizon iPhone 4 will launch soon, we have a proof

We get a proof that is clearly indicating that Verizon iPhone 4 launch in not so far. what is the proof ? It is an online catalog of in which you can see the wide variety of Case-Mate Cases for a Veriozn iPhone 4.

The cases of Apple iPhone 4 Verizon will come in different colors and style and one can buy the one of his choice and preference. In this catalog you will also make out a diverse selection of AT&T branded iPhone 4 cases so it is apparent that this is  not because of any misprinting issue.

CES 2011 is not so far and we already know about the Apple plan of Verizon iPhone 4 launches on 14th February, yes on Valentine day. This news is really a source of excitement for the phone’s fans and users who are eagerly waiting for this launch. Normally, the leaked of cell Phone’s accessories is an evident that the launch of handset is not so far so with this logic we predict that the launch of Verizon iPhone is not so far.

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