Verizon will announce Multiple 4G devices for Big Red’s network soon

We have heard that the Verzion will announce at least one 4G devices at CES 2011 but according to recent report from Wall Street Journal, Verzion will introduce a large number of devices from Samsung, Motorola and LG. you may remember that we informed you about HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung SCH-i520 devices leak so we think that there is a possibility that these devices will announce at CES 2011.

According to Verizon, the addition to4G devices will definitely grabs the attentions of many users toward the LTE network. There is also a possibility that people will start taking more interest to its network than before just because of such 4G Devices.

It is also reported in WSJ that the Motorola Android Tablet will also announced as a Verizon-powered OnStar system in partnership with General Motors. The 4G android phone and OnStar’s mobile app will be a good valuable package for the users.