Verizon will launch Droid Pro and LG enV touch 2 soon

Verizon , a mobile phone carrier is planning to launch various Android –based devices and in this list there comes a new name LG enV Tocuh 2 ; before this we also leaked the information of Motorola Droid Pro that is also headed by Verizon.

According to Engadget, Motorola Droid Pro is the exact successor of Droid 2 as both gadgets resembles in many aspects especially in looks. However, Verizon internal system considered both phones different and not the same. But  for giving an opinion we must have to wait till the launch of Motorola Droid Pro  and after that we get the clear idea whether both phones are identical or not.

Now came to second android –based device named as LG enV touch 2 that is carried by Verizon (according to some rumors). This LG phone is a clamshell device features with stylish dual-touchscreen; one internal and second external.

LG Touch 2 will integrate with a full QWERTY keyboard and is running on Android 2.1 OS. Currently we don’t know whether there comes the update of Android 2.2 for this gadget or not. One thing that is not interesting and appealing is that the phone is heavy and bulk so it may be possible that some people don’t like to buy it.

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