Vodafone 845 Android Smartphone now Available for £70 on pay as you go

Vodafone 845 Android smartphone is now available with the price tag of £70 on pay as you go from Vodafone UK. I think this is a very reasonable and discounted price for the new user of Android handset. This Android handset has many interesting features and specs that are really worthwhile for the users. What makes it more distinctive is its resistive display and customized version of Android 2.1.

On the other hand Orange has come with White San Francisco, the price of which is about £29 more than that of Vodafone 845 smartphone. The specs sheet of entry level Vodafone 845 is some what more impressive than that of White San Francisco.

For the users who are  first time going to buy an Android Handset for him Vodafone 845 is a good Choice .But if you want to check some thing advanced and hi-tech then go forGoogle Nexus S that features with exciting facets  that are requisite for current era.