White Shiny iPhone 4 Diamond Edition is surfaced for style Conscious People

Apple always consider the demand and requirements of every consumer and this time it surfaced White version of the iPhone 4 that is definitely regarded as  the first luxury Edition. White iPhone is covered with shiny and eye-catching diamonds that’s why the high profile people want to buy this glorious model of iPhone 4 that is exactly matched up with their status. Apple manufactured only 50 units of white iPhone 4 so if you want to avail this attractive phone then hurry up and place your order.

Not only the white but also the black version of iPhone 4 is available from last week. But the fame and name grasped by Diamond white iPhone 4Edition is more as compared to other Apple gadgets. This stylish and luxury model of White is designed by luxury designer Stuart Hughes.

Approximately 6.5 carats of Diamonds are use in the stunning frame of Apple and its solid Platinum Apple logo at the back.

Along with fabulous diamond iPhone 4 you will also get a thin ostrich foot leather wallet that can accommodate around 4 credit cards in it. Apple bring 50 units into the market it means the supply is less in comparison with the demand of White Diamond iPhone 4. These 50 units are sold worldwide. The cost of each white iPhone 4 Diamond Edition is 13 000 GBP (around 20 000 US dollars).

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