Why So Many People Still Use Prepaid Cell Phones

The vast majority of people these days own a cell phone of one kind or another. Though many really like the idea of having a smartphones, a vast majority of people still use older model cell phones. This is because, even though smartphones have a lot of really cool features, they are still very expensive. In some cases, smartphones are simply too costly at a time when people are looking for every way they can to save a little extra money. This is why Prepaid Phones are still so popular:

Avoiding Lengthy Contracts

People still want to be able to use cell phones, but buying into a long-term contract with restrictive terms and conditions that ties you down for several years isn’t a very attractive proposition. That’s why prepaid cell phones have remained a large part of the phone market. Many don’t realize it, but these pre paid phone plans are supported by the same companies that run the largest companies. These businesses realize that not everyone wants to, nor can they afford, the latest and greatest mobile phone. Also, if you’ve ever tried to terminate a contract before the plan ends, you’re hit with tons of fees and penalty charges that usually makes it more affordable to stay with your current contract. Though many people don’t have a problem signing these types of contracts, it’s still a costly option.


Perhaps the biggest reason why with prepaid service is so popular is for the fact that you can pay for the service as it’s used. These pay-as-you-go options are great for people that don’t want to buy into all of the hidden fees. There’s also the problem of accidentally going over your minutes and not realizing it until you’ve gotten your monthly bill. With the pay-as-you-go option, you simply pay for what you need and when your minutes run out, you can either choose to buy more or not.

Hidden Fees

When you buy a contract with a company, there’s so much that goes into one of these that you end up paying for services that you didn’t know you were getting. For example, if you don’t want to send picture messages or emails, you can choose to opt out of those services. This way you totally take out the hidden fees that get tacked on at the end of the month. This issue alone motivates many to seek out other options rather than signing a contract.

Prepaid cell phone plans are still really popular and millions of people use them across the country. With the reduced cost and increased control over your minutes and connectivity, it’s still a great option. There are many other reasons why people have decided to go this route but these are just a few of the ways that prepaid plans can save consumers money at a time when they need it most.

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