Windows Phone 7 demonstration in Lawrence of Arabia Ad

Microsoft windows phone 7 is gaining popularity day by day and everyone is interested to know when this operating system will be finally started operating. Today, we get a video that put on show Windows phone 7 and it is an ad in which Microsoft highlight “the revolution is coming.”

Microsoft showed this promotional video of Windows phone 7 at the Secret Cinema screening of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in London, U.K. In this video it is demonstrated that  Microsoft operating system will definitely bring a revolution in the smartphone industry. Microsoft OS will allow the mobile user to access a phone that has different capabilities and functionalities. The company is quite successful in theXbox gaming platform and it is predicted that same prosperity will be headed to Microsoft and its partners in the mobile platform.

We have unveiled various WP7 phone such as Samsung Cetus , LG C900 , LG E900 , HTC T8788 etc. Now we are waiting for their final launch when we will highlight the final specifications of such smartphones.  The release dates of a few WP7  smartphones have rumored  that pointed out October ;so just stay with us to know more.

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