Windows phone 7 released to manufacturing

Microsoft has revealed that the Windows phone 7 Operating system is ready and now released to manufacturing. It implies that very soon we have WP7 handset in our hand. At this all the partners of this OS can integrate it with their devices. But one thing should be kept in mind that Microsoft already notified that there is need of some work before the device having WinPho 7 will come in the market. The Microsoft partners who are working on integration of OS with their devices , now they have to update them with RTM version.. it is also refered by company that WP7 Operating system has been tested thororoughly before its final launch.

Here are the words which the company said for this test process;

“We had nearly ten thousand devices running automated tests daily, over a half million hours of active self-hosting use, over three and a half million hours of stress test passes, and eight and a half million hours of fully automated test passes. We’ve had thousands of independent software vendors and early adopters testing our software and giving us great feedback. We are ready.”

It is expected that Microsoft will not allow the customized themes on their WP7 supported devices. But here we want to refer that we have already seen Vodafone-themed WP7 device so it is difficult to say anything with surety at this time.

When we look at all the situation we came to know that Microsoft team works really hard to make everything perfect for the user. The reason behind this may be that it is the last chance for Microsoft to proves itself successful in mobile field.

The first WinPho 7 device is expected to hit the market on October.

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