Windows Phone 7 web browser in action on video

The latest video about the Windows phone 7 browsers is now leaked to reveal how it works . The purpose behind this video is to show that how well the WP7 phone will be performed and how it can give a strong competition to the iPhone’s Safari and a Froyo-powered device’s preloaded browser.

It is a pre-release version of WP7 browser and just give us an idea how the actual browser works. We also expect something more from WP 7 devices such as Samsung  Cetus, LG E900, LG C900 , HTC Schuret in terms of functions and facilties.

Here is the video that show browser of WP7 in Action:

In the video, it is clearly demonstrates that this browser provides faster page loading in comparison of its competitor. It comes with  a user-friendly interface that makes it possible for the user to access several sites at the same time. The zooming, panning and scrolling functionalities are quite smooth and handy for the user.

The specification of WP 7 browser is not confirmed as yet but it may not support to HTML 5 and Flash. So we will wait till the final launch of it.

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