Wiz V-GC800, triple SIM phone for India by Olive Telecom

We recently covered the LG GX500 a dual SIM phone and now it seems Olive Telecommunication has decided to go one up and is launching a new triple SIM phone. The Wiz V-GC800 will be launched in India later this year and the Wiz V-GC800 cellphone will be capable of operating two GSM connections and one CDMA connection simultaneously. Olive Telecommunications was also the first company to launch a AAA battery compatible phone in India as well as the first Zipbook in India.

Olive Telecommunications is a privately held company based out of India. The Wiz V-GC800 set to be released operates two SIMs on the GSM band and one on the CDMA band. Technical specifications are fairly low key other than that, with the Wiz V-GC800 cellphone featuring a color display, 2 MP camera with video recording and webcam function, Bluetooth, FM radio and a microSD slot for up to 4 GB of expandable memory.

As you can see from the picture, the Wiz V-GC800 mobile phone by Olive Telecommunications is a QWERTY phone. On the software side of things the Wiz V-GC800 cellphone features social networking integration for Facebook and Twitter as well as an instant messaging app.

Just to keep things interesting, the back panels for the Wiz V-GC800 phones will be changeable with different colored back panels available including in black, silver and yellow.

Although pricing and availability is as yet unknown, we suspect that the Wiz V-GC800 cellphone by Olive Telecommunications will soon be available and according to speculation the price should be sub-Rs. 5000 which translates to about $115.

The Wiz V-GC800 mobile phone by Olive Telecommunications may not be the most impressive phone but it is a genuine piece of innovation by a little known company and it would be interesting to see how well it performs when we get our hands on one. And the Wiz V-GC800 aside, given the track record of Olive Telecommunications, it would be much more interesting to see what they come up with next!

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  4. rajesh says:

    this is worthless mobile. no one shall purchase it. software is worst in operation. so many function are not available in it in comparision to other dual sim