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Top 5 Business Smartphones

These days, every smartphone is equipped with robust features and functions. We can use the gadget not only for communication but also connectivity and browsing too. Though every user can easily pick a handset based on his preference yet a businessman often feels cell phone selection process a daunting task. Actually, he is a heavy [...]

Top 5 Smartphones for Gaming

Today, I need immediate attention of game lovers as I’m going to shed light on top 5 smartphones which are perfectly suitable for gaming. During traveling and leisure time, you just need to catch up your smartphone and after that you don’t know how your time passes. So, are you ready to dive into the [...]

Top 5 Smartphones For Video

Nowadays, we all love to watch latest videos and movies on our smartphone. The trend of watching videos on TV is moving down. The reason is that watching video on a smartphone is a nice and comfortable experience. Though many smartphones are offering you a chance to watch the videos yet there are few which [...]

Top 5 Pioneer Smart phones

Nowadays, we are able to use a wide variety of high-tech smartphone but we ever think which smartphone was the first from Symbian or windows phone series. Although many of us have an idea of such devices but our new generation may not have the complete details. Therefore, today I composed this article for all [...]

Top 5 Limited Edition Smart Phones

The people who are concerned about style and design must love to know about latest and impressive limited edition handset. Actually famous brands of smartphone launch such limited edition gadget just to grab the attention of style lover. Generally, a limited edition handset is different in its exterior outlook while interior features are remained intact. [...]

Top 3 Mobile Phones For Email

In today’s world, communication through email is much extensive. And considering its usage, it is must to have a phone that does support the email feature.

Top Three Android Smartphones of 2012

Top Three Android Smartphones of 2012

HTC ONE X After developing several, not so different phones last year, in 2012, HTC finally released a series of remarkable gadgets.. The One Series, and especially One X proves that HTC can once again hold its ground on the Android Market. The HTC One X smartphone is an excellent product which meets almost all [...]

Should you get a smartphone?

Should you get a smartphone?

Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate and interact with one another. They have dramatically transformed our lives. However, they are forever changing and it can be hard to keep up with the latest handset and technology trends. Smartphones are now a must have gadget and the essential pocket device which gives users the [...]

droid razr i

Top 5 Best Motorola Droid Razr Phones

Motorola always brings a number of smartphones that are integrated with latest technology. When you hit the Motorola website, you find a wide variety of smartphones. However, there are few which can be heralded as the best. Now find below complete details of five best Motorola phones of Droid series. 5. Motorola Droid Razr i [...]

iPhone 5

Top 5 Popular Smartphones of Christmas 2012

Christmas is coming soon and we all have some plans in mind when it comes to select a smartphone. However, there are some people who don’t know which smartphone to pick as there are a number of high-end devices which has been added in mobile space. There is no need to suspend in the air [...]

hp Envy

Top 5 Latest Windows 8 Tablets

If you are planning to purchase a tablet, I suggest you to wait for one or two months only as a number of Windows 8 tablets are going to launch. As you know Windows 8 has finally released for the users and this latest version of Microsoft Operating system has a lot of features and [...]