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Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in US

In a recent court ruling, the sale of Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been banned in the United States. The court ruled against Samsung for infringing patents that had been owned by Apple.

10 Million Samsung Galaxy S 3 To Be Sold By July

Samsung is really all set for making some records. According to JK Shin, head communications for Samsung, recently claimed that Samsung Galaxy S3 sales will soar up to 10 million mark by the end of this July.

New Samsung Android Dual Touch Screen Phone for China

Recently, Samsung announced an Android dual touch screen flip phone and that to for the China’s second largest carrier China Unicom. The new Samsung dual touch screen is however mostly the same as Samsung W999.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S 3 in Dubai

The new Samsung Galaxy S 3 was found in the mobile markets of Dubai a week earlier than it was expected to arrive. It was much of a surprise to us that the demand ‘pull’ for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is much than what was expected.

Galaxy S III On Top Of Vodafone UK Pre-order List

Vodafone UK was extremely proud to disclose the historic pre-order levels for the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 this season. The officials were really happy to have such a huge amount of pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 which they never had in the company history before.

Android 4.0.4 Facing Network Issues on Galaxy Nexus

The much awaited update of Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Nexus smart phone has proved to be a bad cookie for the users. As last week when the update for Galaxy Nexus rolled out, the Android 4.0.4 OS had some network issues when the phone was put to sleep mode.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review | Specs and Features

For all those who were badly waiting for the latest Galaxy, the wait is over! well almost. Samsung recently made an official press release through which they announced the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S III.

Galaxy Tab Review

Given its miniature size, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is an engineering masterpiece. Slip it into your back pocket or the hidden section in your bag and you won’t even notice its presence.

The tablet, which can be used as a mobile office as well as an entertainment and networking hub, weighs only 565g and has four-way rotation, meaning that you will never be looking at your emails upside down by accident again. The 10.1” widescreen is the perfect size for cozying down with a movie whilst on a long train ride, or talking to your loved-ones via real-time video calling when you’re not at home – don’t be fooled into thinking that the tab is just for the tech-heads and movie-buffs out there, ebook reader technology is already installed and over 2.3 million ebooks are ready to be downloaded via the Samsung hub.

Galaxy Tab

If you do find yourself on a long flight or train journey, you won’t be left in the dark with the Samsung tab – the 10.1 series boasts up to 9 hours of video time and up three daysof non-stop music without the need for charging.

For those who love to share, the tab comes with two cameras – one on the front and one on the back (perfect for those posey faces only suitable for Facebook), so you’ll never be faced with a surprising shocker of a snap again.

If you’re looking for the perfect pick-up-and-go tablet, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab – lightweight, functional and app-tastic.

Samsung Mobile Phone Deals: The Samsung Fascinate

Samsung has many different mobile phone deals from which consumers can choose. One specific handset that many people have purchased is the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. A smartphone, the Fascinate is an Android phone.

Phones using the Android operating system are able to take advantage of the literally thousands of apps that are part of the Android Market. These apps come in a wide range from entertaining games to useful tools to assist with work. The Samsung Fascinate is able to take full advantage of these apps as it was designed to fully integrate with all Google services. The Fascinate makes it easier to stay in connect with a Gmail email account while taking advantage of other Google options such as Google Maps and access to YouTube videos.

The Samsung Fascinate features a touchscreen design. The screen measures an adequate 4 inches. The colours produced with the Super AMOLED display are very vivid. With some phones, users have difficulty being able to view the screen during daylight. However, this is not an issue with the Fascinate. It comes with an anti-reflective screen which will make viewing outside in the sunlight a snap. The slim design of the phone makes it easy to carry. Another feature of the Fascinate is its ability to operate with less overall battery charge than other smartphones. Typically, smartphones are quite draining on batteries due to the large amount of tasks they perform. Samsung designed the Fascinate with this in mind. They wanted to be able to make the battery power used more efficiently. Part of this is Samsung’s drive to become a much green company and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Guides for using the Samsung are provided virtually rather than printed on paper. Also, many videos showing how to accomplish certain tasks can be found online at Samsung.

If you’re looking for fantastic value mobile phone deals on Samsung handsets, then visit the online retailer who have a wide range of packages available online.

First reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first device to feature Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, has gone on sale in the UK. Available first through Phones4U before being made available through carriers T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2, Android fans have already been reported to be queuing up to get their hands on the new device.

Yet for some bloggers and journalists, they have already played with the new samsung galaxy nexus device and have been able to post their reviews online. On the whole the Nexus has won a positive response. Its tech specs are certainly impressive. It is a big phone with a 4.65” display. Under the bonnet it is no less impressive with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor. It has a 5 megapixel camera on the back and 1.3 megapixel camera on the front for video calls and the like.

One review describes the Nexus as being “slick-looking”. Even though it has the supersized screen, it does not feel bulky. The HD Super AMOLED technology means the screen is “crisp and bright, with brilliant colours that really pop”, suggesting the device builds on from where the Samsung Galaxy SII began in terms of display. Another review also notes their surprise that the device is “pleasantly light and thin” dismissing those suggestions than the size of the screen might make this feel like a large and unwieldy device. The build quality is “typically Samsung” the blogger adds which is both good and bad – Samsung has been criticised in the past for producing a cover that feels a little plasticky, not as comfortable as the polycarbonate cover designed by Nokia for the N9 and now the Lumia 800. The screen, the blogger adds is “simply gorgeous” but the auto brightness, while working well in daylight is not as responsive in lowlight.

Another reviewer has compared the 5 megapixel camera with the 8 megapixel iPhone 4S. Taking pictures in both low lights on both devices there was a minimal difference. The Samsung camera starts up quickly and takes rapid pictures, the review continues. It also takes panoramic shots, a hidden feature also available on the iPhone 4S.

A review in the Telegraph spends more time considering Android 4.0 rather than the handset. A new font used across the whole device makes it feel “classy” and it is easier to get to recently used apps. Face Unlock, a new feature allowing users to use face recognition to unlock their phone, took time to work well. Android Beam, a new feature allowing to send files from one phone to another, is much the same as the app Bump. It is, however, the first time an Android device has felt like a “premium experience” according to this reviewer. There are bugs and it will take time for app developers to catch up with Ice Cream Sandwich. It is likely this will be ironed out by the time Android 4.0 is rolled out to other devices.

Android has had a great 2011 and the Galaxy Nexus is the cherry on the top. The majority reviews give the device four or five stars, suggesting although there may be a few bugs, it is an enjoyable experience and a great device to use. Bugs in an operating system at launch are usually ironed out in later updates. Over the coming days and weeks as handsets are sent out via the mobile carriers in the UK and the launch extends globally, the real response to the Galaxy Nexus will be felt. But for the moment, Google and Samsung must be pleased with the reviews.